“The Alfresco is a unique space and the jewel of the Hotel Boston”

Since 1929 pleasure seekers have enjoyed the Alfresco of the Hotel Boston a space of relaxation, entertainment, families, meeting up with friends and special events all with spectacular uninterrupted views of the sea.

"The Shack"

Inspired by owners Brad & Janette Perks “The Shack” is a place to eat and drink with family and friends on the decks or the cascading lawns of the Hotel Boston Alfresco.

The Shack is a licensed Fish and Chip bar showcasing Local Seafood, Wines, Spirts and Beers.

In collaboration with local Seafood distributor Myers Seafood we tell the story of the “Greenly Island Kawahagi” Kawahagi is firm in texture and has a mild sweet taste.

Supporting all local fisherman, seafood suppliers we showcase their catch and tell their stories.

Enjoy freshly shucked Oysters, Prawns, Crayfish and Smoked Tuna.

“Casual affordable family dining. Nothing beats sitting and eating Fish & Chips by the sea”

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